Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use VolunteerCampaignsTM?

    VolunteerCampaignsTM is specifically designed for education institutions. Any institution that leverages or is planning to leverage volunteers for fundraising can use VolunteerCampaignsTM. It can be used for class campaigns, reunion campaigns, annual programs and affinity based fundraising groups such as sports teams.

    Also, Institutions that are not currently leveraging volunteers due to staff constraints can use VolunteerCampaignsTM to jumpstart volunteer based fundraising. Contact us and we will help you get started.

  2. Why should I (Institution or Campaign Owner) use VolunteerCampaignsTM?

    Your volunteers are busy and will not be willing to spend a great deal of time for your campaigns. Make the volunteers life easy by providing a them a central platform where they can access all the campaign & prospect information, where they can engage with prospects using multiple channels and track all the communication.

    Even the older alumni at large institutions have used VolunteerCampaignsTM and are impressed with it’s ease of use and cool UI.

  3. How can a volunteer access VolunteerCampaignsTM?

    Once the institution signs up for VolunteerCampaignsTM, the campaign owner defines a campaign and invites volunteers to use VolunteerCampaignsTM. The volunteer sets up a login and can start accessing VolunteerCampaignsTM through a web browser or by phone.

  4. What is the pricing for VolunteerCampaignsTM?

    VolunteerCampaignsTM is offered on an annual subscription basis. The pricing for VolunteerCampaignsTM is based on the number of volunteers who would be using the application. Contact us for a free quote.