VolunteerCampaignsTM Features


Centralized Volunteer Management

Manage all your volunteer activities easily from one place. Communicate with volunteers using tools such as emails, announcements, document sharing etc and track all their activities. Simplify volunteers tasks by providing them all the information they need such as the prospect’s contact information, prospect’s donation history, prospect status, to-do lists, campaign details and all communication logs on a central platform.

Personal web pages for volunteers

Volunteers create their own personal pages using the templates that the institution provides. Volunteers have the flexibility to specify their personal statements, upload photos & videos etc, and conditionally publish prospect list and gift details. Each volunteer gets a unique webpage URL that he/she can publish to friends.

Automatic prospect matching

Institutions send a preliminary prospect list to volunteers and the Volunteers choose and rank their relationship with the prospects. Campaign staff can aggregate all the information and match the volunteers with the right prospects. This saves enormous amount of time for the staff members and increases the probability of getting gifts.

Foster Collaboration among volunteers and institution

Volunteers can communicate among themselves using the cool web 2.0 features such as announcements and discussion boards. In addition to sending emails, staff can broadcast messages to volunteers, and upload videos and training documents. All the communication logs will be available for the volunteers and staff at one centralized place.

CRM/Donor Database integration

VolunteerCampaignsTM integrates with the institution’s donor management system so the donor’s personal and gift information is updated dynamically. This up-to date information will help the volunteer have better communication with the donor/prospect. VolunteerCampaignsTM is independent of donor management systems and integrates with any donor management system.

Real time tracking of volunteer activities

Institution can track all the volunteer activities and get real time information on the volunteer’s solicitation status for each prospect. Institution and volunteers themselves can compare the performance of a volunteer with other volunteers. This comparison creates positive peer pressure among volunteers and improves the performance of under performers.

Social network channel

In addition to emails and phone calls for soliciting, a volunteer can use social networks to reach out to the prospects. A volunteer can use badges, newsfeeds etc to increase awareness for the overall campaign and also for his/her personal page.

Encourage reunion participation

Volunteers leverage VolunteerCampaignsTM to promote reunion activities and also encourage the prospects attendance for the reunion events. In addition to the volunteers direct messages,the messages in the social networks and personal webpages serve as a subtle platform to promote reunion activities.

Additional features

Custom branding capabilities for the campaigns and volunteer personal pages, Flexible configuration options for the institution administrator and campaign owner so they can control the functionality/information available for the volunteer.